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Most of your calls aren going to be prospects. They going to be suspects. Let your answering service prescreen out the suspects, and you call back the handful of prospects.

If they have to leave a message, or talk to an assistant who does not get an appointment, it is possible that your prospect will continue calling other companies until they have an appointment with another investor.

As an investor, you looking for the people who NEED to sell, not just WANT to sell. Those people will not have a problem talking to your answering service.

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Air Max 90 Anniversary Croc

It seems the majority says a live person should answer, preferably you, correct? I would be more than happy to speak with every seller that calls me, but I don feel comfortable leaving my personal number for the world to see. What Air Max 90 Warhawk

You definitely should have a live person answer, but you definitely should NOT answer them yourself. Are you a real estate investor or a call center?

When they have first picked up the phone to call is the best time to make the appointment. You will be better off if you can evaluate if its worth making an appointment, and setting that appointment right away while they are motivated.

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voicemail or answering service

While these virtual PBX services are pretty much fixed throughout the competition (both in regards to price and features), it is pretty cost effective. But then again, that all has to do how much time you plan on spending on the phone.

07:29 by James M.

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Air Max 90 Anniversary Croc

Originally posted by Curt Davis:Jovan,

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do you guys do? Get call forwarding? A second line? A second phone?

Another option you may have (depending on your budget) would be to set up a virtual PBX. Setting up a virtual PBX makes your business sound much larger than it really is. With a virtual PBX, when someone calls, they will get a virtual receptionist which gives them directions such as "Press 1 for Jack, Press 2 for Sam, etc." Of course, you can change the numbers and messages to whatever you want.

I use PATLive. And they already set up with scripts from Ron LeGrand. It the best way for me to screen people out see if they are a good fit to work with. It an art learning how to screen people but a skill well learned.

If you are just starting out, your cell phone would be best. You should get practice talking directly with motivated sellers before you have someone else do it for you.

You will want to answer every call that comes in. You will never need an answering service. Besides, people do not like to deal with an automated voice recorder. People always would rather deal with a live person. Most will never leave a message, they will just hang up and call the next property listed for sale.

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Edited Jun 26 2010, Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Breathe Trainers

I had a fellow investor friend using a call center answering service and they would email him the leads Air Max 90 Anniversary Croc however, he found they didn get all the info, he had to train them and by the time he called these people back they had already talked to another investor. I think most people want that personal touch.

Air Max 90 Anniversary Croc

Air Max 90 Anniversary Croc

Air Max 90 Anniversary Croc

People have different styles of doing things. Some people have a calling service, some do it through their website, etc. For me, it faster to take the calls and if there a seller/buyer out there who wants to work with me I there!

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