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Air Max 90 Black Womens Outfit

Air Max 90 Black Womens Outfit

"We got asked to do a version for the PlayStation game," says Shaun, "but they used the original in the end because we didn't finish it in time. Seemed pretty obvious to include it on the album."THE explanation for the title track is confusing: "Three uncles, three pigs, not Bez and Gaz. Bez's always the one who's missing, like Heroes, they never put the other one out there." A more likely explanation is the Nike Air Max 90 Purple And Black

YOU will have heard this open the show at The Leadmill, the first song they recorded for the album and the first their manager heard, says Gaz. "It made him think we could go on and do an album, sort of like our audition for him I guess. I think of it as a cross between Venus In Furs and Lola."

The loveable rogues recorded the album last year with US hiphop producer Sunny Levine and Howie B, previously mixer for Bjork and U2, with Shaun having ditched the nasty narcotics for a healthy diet and a mountain bike, although his big frame would suggest he needs to use it more.

"MY cousin Pete got me listening to Gram Parsons and I guess this comes from that," says Gaz. "He's good in small doses Parsons, not my cousin but doesn't quite have enough punch for me. We recorded this as a groove and then Sunny took it away and turned it into something more than just the 18 bars of intro we had." Shaun expands: "This is Mungo Jerry's bellringer."

Jelly Air Max 90 Black Womens Outfit Bean

Air Max 90 Black Womens Outfit

say what the politics are people can work that out for themselves if they want. No point in getting myself in trouble."

We just love Mondays as they bounce back

We let Mr Ryder and pals take us on a little guided tour of the new platter:SOMETHING of a statement of intent, Shaun says: "It's dedicated to all air hostesses." He describes it as "Wings on crystal meth, Venus And Mars era," going on to confess: "I liked Wings a lot when I was young. Of course it'll sound f all like Wings to anyone else."

THIS showcases Shaun's talent for writing bass lines. "I'm a bass specialist. I put together basslines from tapes and loops and samples. Then I get someone else to play them because I sure as f can't." There's a curious line that goes: "She's eating concrete."

Air Max 90 Black Womens Outfit

Air Max 90 Black Womens Outfit

Manchester, I want this to be the theme tune."A BANGRA fied dance track and a rare political outing from the Mondays ."When I said we don't have any message or anything," says Shaun, "well, this is the only political song on the album. I'm not going to Nike Air Max 90 Premium Ltr

is the first album of new material since the band recorded their notorious Yes Please in 1992.

Country Disco/Hey Dude

Air Max 90 Black Womens Outfit

Air Max 90 Black Womens Outfit

In that time Mark Berry that's Bez to you and I walked off with 2005's Celebrity Big Brother title and Shaun Ryder found the charts with Black Grape and as this disembodied voice of Gorillaz number one Dare.

HERE'S a cover of a Debbie Harry song, originally from Giorgio Moroder's Scarface soundtrack.

Air Max 90 Black Womens Outfit

Air Max 90 Black Womens Outfit

Air Max 90 Black Womens Outfit

"Actually, I wouldn't really call him hip hop, he's just unique, but this is kind of our tribute.".

Air Max 90 Black Womens Outfit

His recently discovered energy needed an outlet, apparently, so the above pair got together with fellow original Gaz Whelan to attempt to recreate the classic Happy Mondays sound, pairing Shaun's deviant street savvy poetry with those trademark chavvy grooves.

So have they managed to grow another Kinky Afro or find something with a Loose Fit? The answer is a tentative yes, with a healthy dollop of Black Grape dirty dancing a la In The Name Of The Father.

Rush Rush

Tax bills, new teeth for Bez they've both been suggested and discounted. And after a sold out tour that impressed a packed Leadmill, on Monday they put out their first album in 15 years ahead of an even bigger tour.

Shaun has ambitions for it: "When they do a CSI Nike Air Max 90 Superfly T

Rats With Wings

title is code for something less than legal.

Air Max 90 Black Womens Outfit

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