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wary of big business.

CHEYENNNE Although the ideological battles appear to dominate politics in the nation and in Wyoming, there is a frustrated and rapidly growing middle group of voters that cannot be categorized.

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There are divisions among the ideological groups.

The "next generation left" group is younger and more liberal on social areas but are wary of the cost of social programs.

The difference between the "steadfast conservatives," and the "business conservatives" is responsible for the split in the GOP.

In the liberals camp, the "faith and family" group are more conservative on social issues and have strong religious convictions that put them at odds with other members.

of big business.

In the 2012 general election, the percent declined to 56 percent.

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The business conservatives are a tad more moderate on social issues and think kindly Nike Air Max 90 Moire

These people are likely to sit out the election or skip over the ballot for governor.

The Pew study said about 43 percent of registered voters are the conservative and liberal groups of the public that are the most engaged in politics.

They regard Cindy Hill and Taylor Haynes, who have tea party support, as too radical. They aren't sold on the incumbent Gov. Matt Mead either for various reasons.

Looking ahead to the general elections, winning a close race in most states means capturing the vote of the political center.

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The less predictable groups are labeled by the study as the "young outsiders,"who dislike both major parties and are conservative on government's role but open on social issues.

People in the "faith and family left" group tend to back government programs but are very religious and are worried about the pace of change in society.

Nor are they likely to vote for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate Pete Gosar.

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This is the major finding of a Pew Research Center study that was released in June and was overlooked by me at the time.

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A majority of the steadfast group say society should discourage homosexuality and they have problems with immigration reform.

Another group includes the skeptics who are pessimistic, have financial difficulties and probably voted for President Barack Obama and may now regret it.

In the 1996 general election the percent of the voting population registered to vote was 70 percent.

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three way Republican gubernatorial primary contest set for August 19.

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In Wyoming the number of political bystanders has increased.

The bystanders have relatively little interest in business and finance. They like the outdoors and are more interested in celebrities and entertainment than the public overall, the Pew study said.

The 2014 primary contests that are getting the most attention, the study said, are between Republican incumbents who are challenged by someone from the ultra conservative wing of the party.

The last class of the less partisan and less predictable in the Pew study includes the "bystanders" who account for 10 percent of the public; are not registered to vote and only occasionally follow government and Air Max 90 Green Black public affairs.

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For the general election campaigners it can be tricky, if not impossible, to figure out how to win over this group of centrists.

The study by the Pew center, a nonpartisan think tank that studies social issues and trends, said this center voting group is large, diverse and unified primarily by their frustration with politics.

Recently a couple of Wyoming voters who lean Republican told me they wish there was a candidate for governor they could support in this election.

I think all of us, including the candidates, have heard people express their frustration at the political system primarily at the national level and particularly at Congress.

Watch out for the big middle

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These groups are partisan and predictable.

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