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What do you think Sainsbury's would do if overgrown trees obscured their external security cameras? How many personnel would they deploy to debate the subject?

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There's an automatic assumption by councils that reducing costs leads to poor services. I don't believe that Air Max 90 Fighter Jet

added: 'I support the maintenance programme that's proposed but it appears it will take some time to obtain the relevant planning permission'.

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If you feel we have made an error in a report, or have fallen below our usual high standards, please write in the first instance to: The Editor, Macclesfield Express, Office 1c, 11 Market Place, Macclesfield, SK10 1EB.

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Online our editorial websites welcome 2.4million unique users who experience 12.4million page views every month.

I shall, however, leave the final comment to traders from the indoor market who said: 'This is a massive cock up by the council.

You and I might just call this foliage but that would be to understate the complexity of the pruning process. In Cheshire East the venerable members of the Sustainable Communities Scrutiny Committee refer to it as 'tree inventory.'

Yes there is: when the Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Blue White

We need a root and branch investigation

trees get in the way prune 'em.

any more than I believe increased Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Camo funding means better services.

You can see how trimming a few trees would tax the council's response time. Trees grow so damn fast. It's hard to keep up.

The SCSC said it was 'concerned by the findings' and will be attending a meeting. (It's the sort of response you'd expect if plutonium had been discovered in Prestbury.)

When Cheshire East had the same problem they referred it to members of the Sustainable Communities Scrutiny Committee (God knows how big their business cards are?)

Coun Jackson said: 'There is a balance needed between retaining trees in the town centre and having an effective CCTV camera system'.

Traders at Macclesfield indoor market, who rely on CCTV cameras for protection, said: 'What's the point in the cameras being there if they are not working properly?'

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A committee report (which any tree pruner knows is essential) stated: 'The current tree work is prioritised based on the level of obscuration'. Now, I'm not sure 'obscuration' is a real word but it's a damn fine expressive one.

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In the private sector cost cutting is a way of life. Competition drives companies to find ways of doing more for less. Businesses needing two people to perform a job one can do soon become extinct.

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So, we have a committee (with a huge title); a whole set of 'findings'; a maintenance programme plus a meeting leading to a report dealing with 'obscuration' of the tree 'inventory.' Now, I don't know how many councillors, officers, secretaries and administrators were involved in this herculean assessment but of one thing I am certain: YOU will pay the cost (and the trees have yet to be pruned.)

Our 20 local weekly newspapers include the Stockport Express, Rochdale Observer, Salford Advertiser, Oldham Advertisers and Wilmslow Express.

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