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Air Max 90 Jcrd Prm Qs

Air Max 90 Jcrd Prm Qs

MYERS intro: Before we start, I know you guys have your jobs to do, but I'm not going to comment on trade rumors. Just let you Air Max 90 Army Green

Air Max 90 Jcrd Prm Qs MYERS: We don't have any to spend, not until July 1st. And unfortunately the draft's before July 1st, so we don't have a ton of tools to obtain a pick.

OAKLAND Warriors GM Bob Myers did his best today to slalom away from the heated reports of the team closing in/not closing in/talking with Minnesota about a deal for Kevin Love, but he still had to address the topic in general terms.

Here's what Myers said, almost every word.

That's the only way for us to see guys. And you never know on draft night, what may or may not occur.

Air Max 90 Jcrd Prm Qs

But we're pretty young. I think the year we had four picks was good. We have players that we'd like to see get more time, to be honest, young players like Kuzmic and Nedovic, that we want to see if they're able to impact our team.

MYERS: You know what? About a week before last year's draft, I said it was unlikely and we ended up with one. I think it's going to be harder this year because we don't have a second round pick and we don't have the $3.2M to spend on a pick.

Q: There was a report that you Nike Air Max 90 Essential Black Wolf Grey Atomic Red

but that being said, I'd like to have one.

MYERS: Like anything there's a cost benefit. Like to have a pick, that's for sure. It's a nice thing and would like to continue to stock the cupboard.

guys were looking at McDermott and Stauskas. Is that just due diligence, or is there some hope you can get that kind of pick?

MYERS: When I was an agent, it's hard to get your players to the teams that have picks. It's hard to even cover the range of picks you might be in. So for us, a team without any picks, the only option for us to go see players is to go see them, wherever they are.

Q: Not trying to make you address a specific trade rumor, but how much does this team value Klay Thompson? What is his value to the team?

Air Max 90 Jcrd Prm Qs

Air Max 90 Jcrd Prm Qs

Air Max 90 Jcrd Prm Qs

Air Max 90 Jcrd Prm Qs

Q: Without any picks right now, how likely do you think it is that you'll end up with a pick or two by Thursday?

BOB MYERS gaggle transcript/

And he walked over to me and he said, you know, Klay's a pretty good player. So that. I think respect from your peers is almost the most important thing as a player. He certainly has it.

Air Max 90 Jcrd Prm Qs

So if you draft again, it pushes somebody else down. I think you'd always want a pick, certainly, but there are years where you maybe are more in need of a pick. I don't think we're necessarily in need of a pick, Nike Air Max 90 Black Wolf Grey

Air Max 90 Jcrd Prm Qs

Not much to conclude from these 20 minutes other than what we already knew: The Warriors are having lots of discussions, they have players other teams want, but the Warriors absolutely want to avoid bidding against themselves in a hot trade market.

MYERS: To the team? It's extremely high. And well deserved. I think his value to the entire league is very high. I think his value amongst his peers.

It's possible. I think unlikely is how I'd gauge it. But everything's pretty fluid so I never want to rule it out. I think it will be difficult to get one this year.

We think he's been great. And the best thing about him that we've seen is improvement. I think everybody that watched him last year saw him, especially near the end of the season, really take a turn as far as getting to the basket and expanding his game.

Air Max 90 Jcrd Prm Qs

know you can ask, but appreciate my position. But I know you have to ask.

Q: Jerry West has said you don't need another draft pick and you might need more veterans. Is that about where it stands for you guys?

So we spent a good portion of May seeing a variety of players. But we did end up seeing most of the guys that are in the top 20. We actually sent a scout to the workout you might've been referring to.

They'd like Love who wouldn't? but until the final price tag and moment of truth arrives (that's up to Minnesota, not the Warriors), the Warriors have to play it coy. Which continued through this session, not surprisingly.

But what you can't do is sit there and get presented with whatever pick it is and say, well, I haven't seen that guy so I can't make a decision. You have to make a decision, and that means you have to cover your bases the best you can.

Watch Warriors' Bob Myers dodge

Air Max 90 Jcrd Prm Qs

It was his annual pre draft media session (the draft is Thursday), but the Warriors have no picks at this point, and there are all these trade rumors, so there was no way to avoid the questions.

Q: You have zero to spend?

Air Max 90 Jcrd Prm Qs

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