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The Fond du Lac community is a different place in a number of ways Nike Air Max 90 Pink And Blue

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We live in a different place than the one a week ago

Legacy of heroes

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Rifle shots again cracked the deathly quiet atmosphere as part of a military and police graveside ceremony. Tears flowed. The grieving process continues. It will for a long time.

The extensive network of family and friends of James Cruckson is also consumed by grief, though many of their fellow Fond du Lac area neighbors are having difficulty acknowledging the suffering that exists when a family member snaps and plunges a community into agony.

The family will endure a crushing burden for years, if not generations, as a result of a situation that spiraled out of control.

In the most serious of tones, the inspector of detectives explained that the portrait was a tribute to Officer Nick Klaske, the only Fond du Lac policeman in modern times to be killed in the line of duty. In those days, there were still a number of officers who had worked with Klaske.

Consumed by grief

Those pieces of information are well known. Eventually, they will become aspects of local and department history, along with memories that only the officers at the shooting scene will truly understand.

Ryan Williams, who was Nike Air Max 90 Essential Black

us never expected what erupted on a seemingly quiet residential street on a day reserved for church and worship.

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today than it was a week ago when gunfire and death shattered a placid Sunday morning into innumerable pieces.

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discharged from the hospital Friday as the result of a recovery described as "miraculous," was at the funeral to honor his fellow officer in a way few others could.

No doubt, there will be a greater appreciation and respect for the dangers police officers and rescue personnel encounter as part of their daily routine and therefore a Air Max 90 Ultra Moire Crimson greater respect for the men and women themselves who perform those challenging tasks.

Because of that good fortune, many among Nike Air Max 90 Blue Black White

Perhaps that is a perceptual change that will occur. Threats should be taken seriously. There is no valid reason to test fate. People sometimes need help to get them over the bumps and bruises of their lives.

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Air Max 90 Ultra Moire Crimson

That has all changed, and it has changed how we view the future.

Our community will experience a number of changes, including some not easy to foresee.

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Twenty eight year old Fond du Lac police Officer Craig Birkholz was killed at the scene on South Lincoln Avenue. Fellow Officer Ryan Williams, 33, was critically wounded, and so was Grendel, the K 9 police dog that Williams handled. Officer Zach Schultz was hurt in a fall inside the shooter's home, but was able to pull Williams to safety.

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Our eyes are wide open now, though welled with tears.

There is more than enough grief to go around these days in the Fond du Lac community.

I remember as a young reporter asking about a portrait of a police officer on permanent display at the Fond du Lac Police Department. It seemed to me a bit out of place.

According to various reports, James Cruckson, in his misery or distorted view of reality, vowed the night before violence erupted that he would begin shooting people in the morning.

The person who triggered the tragic set of circumstances with lethal fire from a high powered rifle James M. "Jimmy" Cruckson used the rifle to kill himself during the six hour standoff.

The gunfire, chaos, sirens, emergency lights, yellow crime scene tape, injury and death are aspects of life in troubled areas of big cities, not quiet communities like ours. Or so we thought.

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No one took him at his word. If only someone had. Maybe he could have been arrested and held for mental observation in a 72 hour commitment. Maybe that would have prevented the carnage.

On Saturday, family and friends and fellow officers, including virtually every member of the Fond du Lac Police Department, joined forces in Birkholz's hometown of Kenosha to honor his memory at a funeral Mass and in a special ceremony at the cemetery where his remains were laid to rest.

We know more about what can happen than we did a week ago.

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