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Wrong, Lib. He was going to get two of three ingredients for Calling them a snack and a soda, does not change the fact that he had Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Iced Tea in his little bag. Where have you been hiding?

Unfortunately for liberals such as Foley, this blows their collectivist minds.

In this case, the phrase Jackson, the New Black Panthers or any entity which promotes and fosters racial division will never speak for me. I hope they do not speak for the majority of black people might have been a clue if anybody was really reading what the man said instead of hating him for saying it.

The really great thing about my brother in political philosphy and last name (Devlin Adams) is that his consistently intelligent and well thought out posts and letters to the editor have never really revealed his race. Because mostly, conservatives don't divided Black Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse

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Devlin Adams

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west Cobb

Blaming his death on racism is only a tool for the black racists, such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, to keep the racial tensions alive, and the black masses stirred up, so that they can justify their existence. Sharpton, Jackson, the New Black Panthers or any entity which promotes and fosters racial division will never speak for me. I hope they do not speak for the majority of black people.

Well, Lib, he did not come right out and say.

Seems to me that is the goal for which true leaders, of all races, should be striving.

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If our so called black leaders are really interested in justice, they will band together and work to correct the conditions, within our own people, which ultimately led Trayvon Martin to his death.

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We could finish bringing racial harmony to this country in just one or two generations. President Obama touched on the solution in a statement earlier, when he remarked that he watched his daughters mingling with whites, Asians and Hispanics with no obvious problems. If we leave our kids alone and quit filling them with our hatred, for just one generation, or two at the most, we will see the realization of Dr. King's dream.

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But, of course, you and Foley don't read anybody's thoughts which might conflict with your liberal, narrow minded views, do you? And an educated black conservative just scares you to death.

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I am a black man He has made that clear in other letters published here and in some of his blogs.

people by race, skin color or ethnicity, but by IDEAS.

Want to prevent racism Stop filling kids with hate

As tragic as Martin's death was, he was only one young black among thousands who die every year, mostly at the hands of other blacks. That is one of the problems we need to be addressing, along with the high educational dropout rate for blacks, the uncontrolled drug use by our black kids and the number of unwed mothers, not to speak of the disproportionate number of young black girls seeking abortions.

Only the biggest of fools fails to recognize that we have made giant strides in the last 60 years to eliminate the effects of racism, if not racism itself. We need to embrace these advances and build on them. Unfortunately, most of those to whom the black community looks for guidance are doing exactly the opposite. The uncalled for notoriety being given the Trayvon Martin tragedy is not the kind of action that will build solid and meaningful Air Max 90 Dark Blue

Only a fool would Nike Air Max 90 Womens Pink White

racial harmony, rather the opposite.

You continue with the absurd charge that he was murdered, which flies in the face of all the evidence and the eye witness testimony, and you wonder why I call you a race baiter.

say racism is dead in this country. Only a bigger fool thinks it ever will be dead, either in this country or anywhere else in the world. Racism is as old as the races themselves. The biblical parable of "The Good Samaritan" is a prime example of the kind of prejudicial thinking that spawns racism.

That he was a victim of cruel poverty and ignorance, subjected to all the worst that black kids encounter these days, is almost a given. That he was tending to embrace the wrong lifestyle is evident in his emails and his social network pages, as well as his reported conversation with his girlfriend shortly before he attacked Zimmerman.

A key question about the Martin case has never been asked and should be. "What life path did he choose that led him to be on that street, in the rain, in an unfamiliar neighborhood culminating with his attack on George Zimmerman and subsequent death? More importantly, why did he choose that path?"

I noticed that the COBB United for Change Coalition held a town hall meeting Saturday morning to launch its "Equal Justice and Opportunity Initiative for All" program. The title sounds very noble, but you will excuse me if I adopt a wait and see attitude about the real Nike Air Max 90 Grey White purpose of this new initiative.

I do have to wonder, during this meeting, how much discussion was given to "justice" and how much to "an eye for an eye." It would also be interesting to know how much attention was given to justice for Antonio Santiago, the 13 month old baby shot in the face and killed during a street robbery. The two teenaged black youths charged in the killing went on trial recently in Cobb County.

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