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I've just recently joined the Bigger Pockets community and am really excited to get started with real estate investing! I made the decision to get into real estate investing relatively recently, about a month ago, and have been spending every minute of my free time I work full Nike Air Max 90 Mid

time reading about it since.

Keep reading the forums and do key word searches and you will most likely find the answers to your questions. If not keep asking and you will find the answer. Also, it would be a good idea to become amemberof your local REIA group where you can network with locals and maybe even ask someone to help mentor you in yournichearea.

it. Research it to death. Once you think you've got it down, bounce your understanding of the topic off of someone as a sanity test. Rinse and repeat. When I listen to a podcast or read something on the forums, I look it up immediately. Cash on cash and land contracts were biggies Nike Air Max 90 White And Red

w Buy Hold Multi

Nike Air Max 90 Mesh White

Nike Air Max 90 Mesh White

for me a while back.

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Nike Air Max 90 Mesh White

Nike Air Max 90 Mesh White

5) Pick one topic a day and google the heck out of Air Max 90 Sunset

The problem I've encountered, as I assume most people do who are new to the game, is information overload. So I've decided to pick a niche as recommended by much of the community. My goal is to own a property by the end of this year, but I have limited experience/knowledge/capital (

Nike Air Max 90 Mesh White

Nike Air Max 90 Mesh White

3) Get organized. I was a chaotic mess, no rhyme or reason to anything i was doing. SoI made a process to get organized. Itoo work full time and most days start at6AM and end at 7PM. I created a 'battle rhythm'for the week with goals to accomplish on each day and stick to that. It helped a lot.

In terms of the path/niche I am considering, I am considering multi units with a buy hold strategy. You are on the right track Nike Air Max 90 Mesh White but being in CA, you may need a bit more $ to get going. When talkingmulti units, I assume you mean something like a duplex right? If so do an owner occupy property which will require lower down and you live in one side for two+ years while you accumulate the money for your next property.

Nike Air Max 90 Mesh White

1) Realized that analysis paralysis is a real thing and that I need to take action in order to get anywhere

4) Make phone calls. For me this was the biggest thing. I just never picked up the phone and talked to someone. Be honest as to what you are trying to do. Be teachable.

Nike Air Max 90 Mesh White

Welcome! I was/still am in your boat. Here's what i did to start getting out of the fog.

2) Found a mentor. There are tons of folks on here who want to help you. Reach out, talk to folks and go to a club meeting in your local area

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