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"We ran a single event to see what we could do," Woodward said. "We had 93 teams."

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"Registering for a fishing tournament makes us take the time off to go fishing," Woodward said. "The out of staters bring a lot Air Max 90 Qs Pendleton

Other tournaments will occur throughout the summer, such as company picnics with fishing derbies, Conder said.

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Some anglers fish both tournaments, others are loyal to one or the other. The circuit and stampede rotate their tournaments more or less between Boysen, Glendo and Keyhole reservoirs.

"With all of that in play, I don't think we're having a huge problem with mortality," Conder said. "If they see a fish that is stressed to the point they don't think it will survive, they make the angler keep it and it counts against their creel limit. We don't think it has a real big impact on the fish themselves."For Clint and Ben Acres, the tournaments are a way to learn new fishing skills and meet other anglers.

some non tournament anglers want a little less pressure on reservoirs during the good fishing times.

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of the lake, some reaching more than 60 mph in glittery boats plastered with sponsorship stickers.

It helps that they're both competitors, too. Woodward won a national tournament called the Master's Walleye Circuit in 2009 in South Dakota, and he and Bauers still compete in the circuit.

Bauers measured it, Ben held it for a few quick photos and then placed it back in the water to swim away.

The contest was the first of what will be three large walleye fishing tournaments on Glendo Reservoir between May and mid June. It was also one of the biggest tournaments held in Wyoming in recent years with more than 200 competitors.

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"We tell them if they have a big fish to call us right away," Woodward said.

He and Bauers drive around to anglers throughout the tournament measuring fish sometimes as soon as they are caught.

Nike Air Max 90 White And Orange

Nike Air Max 90 White And Orange

Nike Air Max 90 White And Orange

Woodward and tournament partner Mitch Bauers Nike Air Max 90 White And Orange slowly cruised down the lake after the crowd. Riverton angler Clint Acres and his nephew, Ben Acres, 14, caught their first fish.

The Stampede opted for a progressive live release, which means officials post at stations around the lake encouraging anglers to measure fish as quickly as possible. They also measure fish instead of weighing them for a quicker processing time, Woodward said.

GLENDO RESERVOIR Anglers lined up two by two, bobbing in the water, their outlines visible in the hazy, early morning light.

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Theirs was a big one. At just under 30 inches long, it was a contender for biggest fish of the tournament.

Fishing is best for walleye in May and June on Glendo, said Casper angler Tom Durst. Last year, five large tournaments were held on Glendo, according to Al Conder, Casper regional fisheries supervisor for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. The number prompted Durst to write Wyoming's governor a letter.

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Nike Air Max 90 White And Orange

to the surrounding communities."

Game and Fish created stricter regulations to help protect the fisheries. The department requires anglers kill and keep walleye they catch in tournaments after June, which is why few tournaments occur during the rest of the summer. Warm water can be hard on walleye, making the chance of survival after the fish has been released lower in Wyoming's warmer months, Conder said.

Walleye Stampede draws hundreds of anglers

Fewer tournaments are scheduled this year on Glendo. Tournaments have also been banned from the last two weeks in June.

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"I think they ought to have no more than two contests per reservoir per year," Durst said.

"It's a good way to get out and go fishing and spend a lot of time with my nephew and dad," Clint Acres said. "I really just like to catch fish."

"Good morning Stampede anglers," called Wyoming Walleye Stampede co owner Brian Woodward through his boat's announcement system Saturday. "Remember, no more than five fish in a live well at a time, for no longer than three hours. and let them go. Each raced to a different part Air Max 90 High Top White

Some anglers who aren't competing say flooding Wyoming's reservoirs with hundreds of fishermen each weekend for a month takes away from their fishing experiences. Six years ago, the circuit gained some competition when Woodward and Bauers started the Wyoming Walleye Stampede.

That doesn't give tournament operators long to fit in their competitions, Woodward said.

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