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Hunter admitted that he fired several shots toward fleeing civilians, but that he didn think he had hit anyone. He said none of them appeared to be a threat to the officers but that Sergeant B began firing his assault weapon into the crowd.

After stopping the truck, Hunter said he noticed people scattering toward a concrete barrier that separated the roadway from a pedestrian walkway.

Hunter said he ordered the officers to fire when it appeared that civilians behind the barricade were not a threat.

He said that Sergeant A then began to fire his assault weapon toward the civilians.

Hunter said the group loaded into a Budget rental truck and raced to the Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Breathe Navy

Hunter statement continued to say that as Ronald Madison lay on the ground, bleeding severely and apparently dying, Sergeant A ran down the bridge, asked another officer if Madison was of them, and then proceeded to kick Nike Air Max 90 Moire White

Later, Hunter said he and a person identified as Officer A along with Sergeant B got into a State Police car and tried to cut off two men who were running off of the bridge. He said the car cut between the two men and that one of the men appeared to be bleeding and injured as he ran. He said the man, later identified as Ronald Madison, a severely disabled man, continued running past the car and that Officer A got out and fired a shotgun shot into Madison back as he fled.

'We don't want this to look like a massacre'

Hunter said he did not see any weapons and that no officers had said they had seen guns.

Nike Air Max 90 Women 2015 Black

Nike Air Max 90 Women 2015 Black

Nike Air Max 90 Women 2015 Black

According to the account, Hunter met with an unnamed investigator, a lieutenant and other officers who had gone to the bridge with the lieutenant saying something to the effect that don want this to look like a massacre.

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Nike Air Max 90 Women 2015 Black

Hunter said Madison was unarmed and posed no threat to officers.

Hunter said he noticed two women lying on the ground, hurt and terrified, one with a gaping wound on her leg.

Hunter said a plan was hatched to make the shootings appear justified and that a short time later the investigator on the case claimed to have found a gun at the scene, the day after the shooting.

Hunter said he knew the shootings were bad and that at a later meeting to discuss the shootings, one of the lieutenants said something to the effect of don want this to look like a massacre.

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him hard in the torso before Hunter charged in between to separate them.

He said that at one point one of the people stuck his head over the Nike Air Max 90 Women 2015 Black barrier and Sergeant A fired at him. Hunter said that none of the people on the bridge appeared to have weapons.

Hunter said as he got close to the bridge he saw a handful of people walking casually on the bridge and realized they may not expect police to be in the Budget truck so he fired a warning shot and the civilians scattered.

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scene. Hunter said an unnamed A asked for an assault rifle that Hunter begrudgingly gave him.

NEW ORLEANS For the first time an account of what happened on the Danziger Bridge in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina were laid out in court and the judge described them as a relative of two of the victims said they horrified his family.

A factual account given by Air Max 90 Purple

Nike Air Max 90 Women 2015 Black

In the account Hunter said Seventh District Officers, working out of a temporary station at the Crystal Palace on Chef Menteur Highway responded to a radio call that officers on the bridge had taken fire.

Hunter said Sergeant A later apologized for out of line, and then asked Hunter if he a problem with the shooting.

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Nike Air Max 90 Women 2015 Black

former NOPD Officer Michael Hunter depicts officers racing to the bridge anticipating an encounter with armed suspects and instead firing upon innocent, unarmed civilians and in one case shooting a fleeing suspect in the back. The account also details the kicking of the same 40 year old disabled man as he lay dying.

Hunter said returning to the Budget truck, Sergeant A assault rifle was empty and warm from having been fired.

Hunter said he saw several civilians who appeared to be unarmed and injured and that Sergeant A suddenly leaned over the barrier and began firing his assault weapon into the group of people lying on the ground.

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