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sebilasse 1316 days ago link

Nike Air Max Bw Ultra

I may be able to answer to that too. I've been living in Prague 4 of the last 6 years. They will tell you that they don't speak English, but they do. There are a surprisingly big number of IT jobs for English speakers available. Adding all the payments that you have to make to the government Nike Air Max Bw Ultra (including personal income tax, compulsory health insurance, and unemployment insurance), you'll end up paying less than 15% of your gross income at the end of the year to the state, in one form of another. That compares with the 50% that gets deducted from employees for the same concepts. Life is affordable. Having a good life, I mean, not just surviving. Even on a local salary, you can get a decent apartment not too far from the center, eat out every day for lunch, have dinner out a couple times a week, go to the movies/theater/clubs on the weekends, and still have money left to save a little. Of course, those savings will not amount to much out of the Czech Republic, but as long as you are living here, they'll provide a comfortable cushion.

If you get an English speaking job, you'll probably make significantly more than a local salary. You will not live like a king, but you'll life very very comfortably. The Air Max 90 X Premium

"A lot of the old socialist mentality can still be found in the government's employees."Yes, let's blame everything on socialism. Because unhelpful civil servants never occur under any other kind of economic occupation.

The first time I went to Prague, I was so blown away that I canceled the next stops on my itinerary so I could stay. Later, after I moved there, I realized it was the whole country that just hit me in the right spot. There are no reasons; it just happened. Like with my wife, it was just love at first site. Love doesn't have enumerable reasons; it just is.

maayank 1316 days ago linkdavid927 1316 days ago link

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Nike Air Max Bw Ultra

david927 1316 days ago link

Nike Air Max Bw Ultra

This is like comparing whether you would like Diane Krall or Bob Marley based on beats per minute. Why do people have such a struggle separating qualitative from quantitative?I'm American but I've lived in six countries: the richest was easily Switzerland, the most frustrating was easily France, but for me, the best was easily the Czech Republic. Hands down; no competition. But that's me. And the only way you can ever know which one you'll like best is to live there and go native. If you listen to Diane Krall waiting for it to start turning into the Arctic Monkeys, you won't like it. Most tourists and expats keep expecting the new country to be their old country with a different language. It's simply a different beast, and until you can lose yourself, lose your expectations, you won't know.

Website calculates how your life might be like in another country

may you please elaborate more on why the Czech Republic wins hands down?

mapleoin 1316 days ago link

That's a perfect list. One more thing: everyone knows everyone. Say Hi to Jeff and Steve for me! : )

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Switzerland is less appealing in your 20ies but much more when you're 40 with wife and kids. (I'm sorry but my team is not better than your team.)Second, I wouldn't call it low self esteem but rather a cultural meme that abhors acting snobbish. It stems from Communism. When I first got there, and someone would ask, "Jak se mas?" (How are you?), I would answer "Great!" But that was the wrong answer. That's not their culture, because no one was great under Communism. So the right answer is something self deprecating and slightly embarrassing like, "Just ok. Many come and go after a year or two and are just long term tourists who never take off the goggles of where they come from. I know a huge number of expats there and almost all of them love it.

zachallaun 1316 days ago link

For Prague it's "create". Everyone I knew was in some form or stage of the creative process, whether film, music, play writing, painting, starting a company, etc. It may a Czech or expat, it may have been on the side or what they did full time, but everyone was doing something creative and new.

sedachv 1316 days ago link

gaius 1316 days ago link

health system is good, efficient and cheap. So it is the public transportation (one of the best systems I've tried, and I've used a few in my life). The fact that even local salaries afford for a decent live means that you won't find extreme poverty in Prague. That also means that there's no dangerous areas that you should avoid (of course, in the touristic spots there are pickpockets, but I mean that there's no wrong neighborhoods that you have to avoid, like there are in Madrid or, as is said, in US cities, for example). Cultural life is rich and varied. There's a lot of clubs with life music, concerts, theaters, operas, Of course, there's also thousands of pubs (almost one in every corner) that serve what I would argue is the best beer in the world. And very cheap (less than 1.5 euros per half liter). The city is gorgeous. The girls are even more gorgeous. You are in the middle of Europe, which means that there's a lot of places to visit within 4 hours (train or plain). The attitude of Czech people is very relaxed. Live and let live. Consumption of sof drugs, for example marijuana, although not strictly legal is not prosecuted by the police. Personally, I think another advantage is that the Czech Republic is the most atheist country in the world. 70% of Czechs declare themselves atheists when asked. Unhelpful or plain rude waiters and shops assistants are very common. The food lacks variety, and specially vegetables, fruits and seafood (like most Central European kitchen). Some rules in the administration are plain stupid. And civil servants will be, generally, unhelpful. A lot of the old socialist mentality can still be found in the government's employees. The language is very difficult to learn. Most people speak at least some English, but really fitting in is difficult without speaking Czech. When you want to travel abroad, everything is suddenly very expensive.

david927 1316 days ago link

I'm also interested in this, since I moved to Czech Republic a few months ago. I was planning on also moving Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Neon

maayank 1316 days ago link

pardo 1316 days ago link

of the world, even tho' Prague and Tallinn (etc) are as ancient as anywhere there's a vibe that the best is yet to come, people getting involved in lots of different projects, technology, art, music. Same with Paris or Stockholm or even Amsterdam. Right now those cities have a lot of accumulated wealth tho' they've lost the spark that created it in the first place. Work in Western Europe, party in Eastern Europe, it's the only way.

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There is a real energy in cities in that part Nike Air Max 90 Brown Suede

to Germany some time in the future.

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