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4) Other machines on the network include Vista, XPHome and Ubuntu.

I've tried accessing pictures on CD and on the local drive and got exactly the same issue. The permissions look normal (even gave everyone full control.

The system restore did fix the problem. but then I put a disc of photos in and let autorun do its thing. Now I'm back to square one again with exactly the same error

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If not, I found this though I don't think the problem it fixes is the same as the one you're having:1) Control Panel > Folder Options > View > Show hidden files and folders

BTW this page is now the top result on google for:

3) Some of the pictures in this direction are not viewable or editable by other machines on the network.

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All files should still be there, and options should stay intact, but problem

With your situation, I would check the local filesystem permissions. With Vista basic, I don't know if they've disabled your ability to tweak them, but just right click on the Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Triple Black

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After a bit of time googling I found one guy who'd had a similare problem and fixed it by moving his files to another folder and back again which hasn't worked for me.

Very odd since the disc had been opened like this in the machine before HP's software was loaded.

Photo Gallery can't open this picture because you do not have permission to access the file location

Vista photo gallery problem

file locaction"

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"Photo Gallery can't open this picture because you do not have permission to access the Nike Air Max Black Pink

should be resoved. It may take a minute or so to rebuild your photo gallery.

Well, it sounds less like an ownership/permissions issue and more like something is borked (aside: I hate the bloated piles of crap HP insists on installing for their printers; I used to admire HP for their technical competence, if not their design sense, but no more). Is there a restore point prior to the HP install? I haven't looked to see if Photo Gallery is in any way optional, but perhaps you can uninstall or repair install it?

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PhotoGallery is also setup to be able to monitor folders. If the user added a folder that belonged on an external hard drive or cd, then since that folder doesn't exist right now, you might get a similar error. You can try removing all monitored folders and re add only those that you know have pics in them.

4) Start Windows Photo Gallery

2) This WinXP Pro laptop has the My Pictures directory shared out with editing permissions granted.

6) Only some of my edited photos have this problem, many of them are fine.

I had a weird problem with Vista's photo gallery where it Nike Air Max Classic White kept saying that i couldn't add my pic folder because it was either a hidden or system folder. I even tried re directing the system My Pictures folder to where all my pics were stored and the same error. My fix was just dump all my pics into the standard 'My Pictures' folder in the 'My Documents' folder and it was happy. Annoying because i liked where my pics were before. I then just stopped using it because i like Google's Picasa better.

folder in question and go to the security tab and make sure both your userid and the Administrators group Nike Air Max 90 Winter

Nike Air Max Classic White

cheesyking wrote:I've been handed a laptop to fix with vista basic. When you try open a picture in WPG you just get an error saying:

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2) Navigate to: [drive3) Delete all contents (or back up if you wish)

have full access. Then apply. if prompted to apply to child objects as well, click yes/ok.

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