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Beat it: Check the ingredients for sweeteners you may be better off with the full fat variety.

Beat it: If you've got a gum habit, switch to nibbling nuts or popcorn.

6. Poor fitting dentures

Beat it: Only wear your Spanx for two to three hour periods and steer clear completely if you're eating a big meal.

2. Wearing big pants

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Beat it: Find something healthier to occupy your hands. Try over the counter remedies like Maalox Plus tablets (3.60 from Boots).

Beat it: See your dentist to check your fitting or invest in stronger denture adhesive, such as Poligrip Ultra Denture Fixative Cream (2.95, from Boots).

Your control undies might pull in and flatten any unsightly bulges under your party frock but this very constriction is problematic because it can increase the symptoms of bloating and stomach distention. Tight clothing puts pressure on the abdomen and makes it much more difficult for gas to pass along normally.

BATTLING a bloated belly has become a daily struggle affecting nearly three quarters of Brits. We reveal some of the less obvious causes and how to beat them.

Nike Air Max Floral Womens

Nike Air Max Floral Womens

We reveal ten hidden causes to abdominal swelling and steps you can take to avoid it

Beat Nike Air Max Floral Womens it: Sit down to eat and slowly chew food thoroughly.

5. Getting stressed out

"Stress seriously affects our ability to digest food," said pharmacist Steve Riley. "When we eat on the run or when we're anxious, our body pumps out stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, which inhibit the digestive system, preventing it working effectively. This can cause bloating and symptoms such as IBS."

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These bad habits are also big culprits when it comes to swallowing excess air and saliva, said Dr McKenna.

Nike Air Max Floral Womens

sugar Air Max 90 Atmos Denim

4. Smoking a fag or chewing your pen top

Nike Air Max Floral Womens

stomach contents from flowing back into the oesophagus leading to heartburn and excess gas.

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1. Chewing gum

Often bloating simply follows a large meal or consuming certain triggers, so it makes sense to avoid the very common causes, such as spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol, and to try not to eat late at night.

Evidence shows that people whose dentures aren't secure tend not to chew their food properly. Eating quickly can cause air swallowing that leads to bloating.

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control snacking and clean teeth following a meal but there can be a downside.

Gum can help prevent bad breath, Nike Air Max 90 Floral White

However, as well as all the usual suspects, Dr McKenna says there are many other causes of bloating from smoking cigarettes to eating too much fruit or even chewing on your pen lid.

"Chewing gum causes bloating because we take in a lot of air when we chew," said Dr McKenna.

Nike Air Max Floral Womens

Here are 10 hidden causes of bloating and how to avoid them

Nike Air Max Floral Womens

Swallowing this air can increase the amount of excess stomach gas in the digestive tract. Couple this with hard to digest sweeteners in many gum brands and a perfect storm for abdominal gas can result.

"Digestive problems that cause bloating are all too common," said Embarrassing Bodies' GP Dr Pixie McKenna. "Unfortunately, many of us suffer in silence instead of examining our habits or making a simple trip to the pharmacist for an over the counter remedy."

One of the biggest hidden sources of bloating is the artificial sweeteners found in

free foods. They can claim to contain no calories because the body simply can't digest them. As the body struggles to break them down, an excess of gas can ensue, leading to bloating.

Smoking can also affect digestion. Chemicals in cigarettes weaken the lower oesophageal sphincter the muscle between the oesophagus and stomach that keeps Nike Air Max 90 Black Outfit

Despite 70 per cent of us complaining that we frequently suffer from an uncomfortably swollen stomach, fewer than one in three seek help to ease it.

3. Eating diet foods

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